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        About NC-LINK


        Established in 2007, NC-LINK Technology Limited, is a global provider of SOHO & SMB networking products, which are focused on wireless telecommunication product research, development, production, sales and service. NC-LINK strives to provide professional services for global telecommunication service providers. Our products include Wireless CPEs,Ceiling APs, In-wall APs, Routers and PoE Switches devices.


        The Developer

        NC-LINK has established its R&D centers both in Shenzhen and Xian. Most of our engineers have more than 5 years working experience in this field, with abundant knowledge on software, hardware and firmware development. This is very powerful support to our brand customers when they have special product requirement and ensures the quick response service.


        The Manufacturer

        Located in Shenzhen, China, NC-LINK production base covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. We have up to 200 staffs on the production line, including SMT, DIP, Assembly and Test, and Packing line. Professional and strict QC control & IQFlex test equipment to guarantee the product quality, and keep RMA numbers to an absolute minimum to benefit our cooperative partner and especially our End-Users.

        NC-LINK never stops pursuing the core value of customer satisfaction. By constant improvement of product development, supply and service, NC-LINK devotes all efforts to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance products and service.

        NC-LINK will consider any viable opportunity to private label or co-brand any of its products to serve as an Original Equipment Manufacturer or contracted product/solution development partner. If you are interest in cooperating with NC-LINK, Please send an e-mail to solution@nc-link.cn

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